Custom gaming PCs for Death Stranding with high performance GPU & CPU

The 6600 XT jumps back out in front when testing with Death Stranding, though it has to be said both GPUs delivered excellent performance using the highest in-game quality preset. Although the Radeon was 20% faster at 1080p, the RTX 3060 was still good for 132 fps on average. The margin was slightly reduced at 1440p to 18% in favor of the 6600XT, but even so, the GeForce GPU was good for almost 100 fps on average.

Death Stranding is a 2019 action game developed by Kojima Productions. It is the first game from director Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions after their split from Konami in 2015. It was released by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 in November 2019 and by 505 Games for Windows in July 2020. An updated version for PlayStation 5, Death Stranding Director’s Cut, was announced in June 2021 and was released on September 24, 2021.

VR-Ready Gaming PC for Death Stranding

To play Death Stranding, you need high-performing gaming PCs. Below is Stonforged Technology recommendation:

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