Get the Best Prebuilt Gaming PC of 2022 and Pay in Installments

How to Finance a Gaming PC in Canada

You know what you want and you know when you want it! Of course, you want a prebuilt gaming PC and you want it now. But what if your desires are bigger than your wallet? Do you know that, at Stoneforged Technology, you can have your cake and eat it too? That means that you can get your high-performance PC into your hands right away and pay in the most convenient way that you can handle. In other words, you have payment and installment options.

Work within the limitations of your debit card

Many banks and financial institutions set daily limits on how much you can spend from your account on any one day. To deal with that, you can break your total payment into smaller payments that are equal to the maximum daily limits. By simply filling in a form found on our website, you can make arrangements for automatic daily payments. Our sales representatives will be happy to help you with this and will confirm your order and payments so you can get started with your purchase.

Play now, pay later

Another popular option, PayBright, is Canada’s leading installment payment platform. It’s easy to use and they will tell you your spending limit right away. Just by entering a few details on our website and selecting a payment plan when you are checking out, you can get an instant decision and complete your purchase. Then, you can spread your payments out over time and enjoy your purchase right away. PayBright will automatically charge you with monthly payments via your preferred payment method.

Best Prebuilt Gaming PC

Pay over time

Another option is to use Splitit. This platform offers paying smaller installments over time, with no interest, application, or fees. The combination of Splitit and your credit card turns your purchase into bite-sized, interest-free payments. As a bonus, using Splitit won’t affect your credit score. The only interest or charges applied would be in accordance with your agreement with the credit card provider. The good news is that you would also be able to earn points and rewards as provided by the credit card company.

Enjoy your purchase

With so many payment options available, it’s easy to finance a new gaming PC in Canada. Just think about the many hours of fun you and your friends will have with your new gaming PC. And you can rest easy, knowing that you will be buying the best gaming PC at the best price.

Be sure to check out all of the high-performance gaming PCs available at Stoneforged Technology. As added incentive, note that we offer free shipping, a money back guarantee, and round-the-clock online support.

Best Prebuilt Gaming PC 2022

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