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We build custom gaming PCs for gamers with high-performance GPUs and CPUs to make sure they can play most of the games with 100+ FPS in both 1080P and 1440P resolutions.

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Performance gaming PC to play Array in full HD
160 FPS
4k VR ready gaming desktop for Array
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Build your own PC

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4.7 Stars - Based on 39 User Reviews
Glen ThorsteinsonGlen Thorsteinson

First, the packaging was excellent. The computer was well protected for travel. I appreciate your detailed work in that.

Second, the computer powered up without any problems.

Third, this computer is a work of art. Your team did a wonderful job of the interior, and I’m not talking about the lights on the motherboard, the fans and the RAM. The wiring and layout of the components is beautiful to look at. Neat and tidy, which makes airflow so much better. The lights are nice, but not a big deal for me. The layout is.

I couldn’t be happier with this computer. When it comes time to update again, I know I’ll be coming to Stoneforged first.